Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sisters First Friday Sale, February 4th

This Friday our shop will be open from 3pm to 9pm! And its FIRST FRIDAY sales event as usual for Ashland's Downtown First Friday activities along Winchester Avenue between 15th and 17th Streets.

Sisters is located in the Camayo Arcade, on the Winchester Avenue side. Our shop's friends/sisters will be there to help you decipher our different sale opportunities and show you around the new set-up! This is our last big sale before the remodeling begins, hope you can make it!
  • $5 Bag-A-Bargain! Along the hallway! 
  • Ladies Active Wear - 20% Off!
  • Specified Bags of Jewelry are 50 Cents! Not a joke.
  • Black Formal/Cocktail Dresses - 60% Off! No kidding.
  • Prom/Formal Gowns & Dresses - 75% Off! We're serious!
  • Winter Coats and Jackets - 50% Off!
  • Scarves and Belts - 50% Off!

(Stay tuned for an exciting post; recieving a shipment of new,   high-end boutique items! Never worn with never-heard-of prices!)

Sisters Consignment Boutique
1536 Winchester Avenue
Camayo Arcade, Suite 3
Ashland, Kentucky 41101