Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Welcome to our Blog! We have the keys & have chosen "Sisters" to be our name!

Hello blog world & friends, I am Kena, co-owner of the new Sisters Consignment Boutique of Ashland, Kentucky. The other owner is my Mom, Kelly! We have recently chosen to purchase the existing shop from a dear friend and make it our own, we're looking forward to serving our area and friends from afar. I have had great feedback from my friends living out of state wanting to ship items, just as soon as they can find time to dive into their closets!

We chose the name "Sisters" because of my only sibling, Kate, who has called me "Sister" the whole eight years of her fun, little life.  My mother's best friends, as well as mine too, all refer to each other as "Sister"... it only seemed to fit! We plan on having the shop completely renovated and open with our new hours for March 1st!

Why a Consignment Boutique? Why not! I can't remember a moment in my life that I haven't loved clothes. And if it wasn't clothes, it was shoes and handbags because they always fit and the sizes stay the same no matter what you've been eating! In loving clothes and accessories, there has to be a theory of wearing the trends you enjoy and dream of, consigning is today's answer to having the high fashion look on a Target budget. And we love Target! But this shop will be more about name brands with successful trends and strong basics.

I am looking forward to managing this blog as a way to stay in touch with our clients and friends, share some stories that will introduce you into my world of fashion and consigning, get some feedback on ideas I have for "closet clean-out" parties and keep Sisters Consignment Boutique news up-to-date for our followers & consignors!

Mom, Kate and I, look forward to meeting all of you that can come visit and shop, or just consign, well send you a check every month to cash and take to the mall for the new trends you're dying to have!

Thanks, "Sister Consignor"


  1. Yahoo! Congratulations! What existing store did you guys buy?

  2. Thanks Hilary! It is in the arcade, across from our office now! Bring the little one in sometime and check it out... ill entertain Miss Avery while you browse! :)